Our Product


What is Firefan?

FireFan is a free interactive mobile sports app. Our focus is to be “the better way to play” by connecting fans alongside live sports that connects the entire family in a fun, simple, social, and competitive environment.


  • Download the game for FREE
  • Play for  FREE or Play with tokens
  • Acquire Tokens in three ways:
  •      1. In-app purchases
  •      2. Participation with advertising offers (Free tokens)
  •      3. Share the app with others (Free tokens)
  • Earn points through interactive predictions
  • Play with your close friends, your local area, fans of the same team, or even play with some of your favorite celebrities

Who Can Join?

  • Available to K-12 and non-profit organizations, like schools, sports clubs, booster clubs, alumni groups, sports teams, and the like
  • All of these organizations can join for FREE

Benefits of FireFan™ Fundraising

  • No cost to school, group, or student
  • No geographical limitations
  • Potential residual income
  • Standalone product
  • No door-to-door selling

The Earning Potential

  • Players use Tokens to play
  • Make 10% when Tokens are acquired and 5% when Tokens are played
  • This earning potential happens whether they purchase the Tokens or use Advertising participation
  • Hosting an event: you or your group can set up events inside the app to compete as a team, alumni group or school

No Selling. No Collecting Money.

Just Share a FREE App! That’s It!